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Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital (MVRH)

Small long haired Chihuahua standing on couch


Our dedicated Ophthalmologists offer diagnosis, treatment and prevention of veterinary ocular diseases and infections.

Our ophthalmologists will work with you and your family veterinarian to provide the comprehensive eye care your dog or cat needs. Our board certified specialists have extensive training and experience in a broad range of ophthalmic services.

Here’s what to expect at your pet’s first ophthalmology visit.

Commonly treated conditions and diseases

  • Cataracts

  • Keratoconjunctivitis (dry eye)

  • Corneal ulcers

  • Glaucoma

  • Uveitis

  • Distichiasis

  • Cherry eye

  • Entropion

Your Pet’s Complete Ophthalmic Examination Includes:

  • Fluorescein stain for ulcers

  • Microscopic exam of eyelids, iris, cornea, lens

  • Retinal examination

  • Tear test for dry eye

  • Tonometry for glaucoma

Surgical Services

  • Cataract Surgery

  • Corneal grafting

  • Eyelid surgery

  • Surgery for glaucoma

  • Surgery for dry eye

  • Surgical repair of corneal ulcers


  • Electroretinography

  • Ocular Ultrasound

How-To Videos

Meet Our Ophthalmologist